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Hey there! I'm Kristina, an International Personal/Business Brand Strategist and CEO of Miró - Social Club. Over the years, I've cultivated my passion for crafting impactful brands, steering them towards success and generating over $2 million in combined revenue for my clients. Originally, I'm from a small village in Russia, and my career journey began in the vibrant hub of New York. There, I delved into International Business as my major at Baruch College, expanding my expertise in international marketing during my time at WU University in Austria. This global exposure significantly shaped my understanding of diverse cultures and their impact on branding strategies. What I Do: I thrive on deciphering the core essence of brands, aligning them strategically, and helping them blossom. My approach isn't just about branding—it's about delving into the emotional resonance between brands and their audiences, crafting connections that transcend mere transactions. My Milestones: I've spearheaded transformations, propelling brands to reach a 60% increase in their audience across various social networks. This translated to a substantial $10k+ in sales for a client through an info product, showcasing the real-world impact of strategic branding. Beyond Numbers: My strategies are born from meticulous research, constantly evolving to embrace the latest trends and methodologies in branding and marketing. Each strategy is a tailored masterpiece, unique to the brand it's crafted for. How I Work: Collaboration is at the core of my process. Working hand in hand with clients, I fuse their brand values with my creativity and expertise, sculpting strategies that resonate profoundly with their audiences. My Special Sauce: My methodology includes a comprehensive brand audit, presenting 2-3 bespoke strategy variations, tailored to fit the brand's budget and capabilities. Understanding consumer behavior and the psychology of buying drives every decision in shaping a winning strategy. Who should book a call with me: 1) Early-stage brands aiming to build brand foundations and grow awareness. 2) Brands experiencing low sales and seeking rebranding and creative solutions. 3) Brands interested in expanding internationally. 4) Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to develop personal brands both offline and online. 5) Individuals planning to launch information products. 6) Experts seeking rebranding opportunities and event creation. 7) Those in search of inspiration and wanting to brainstorm ideas together.




International Brand Strategist


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Miró - Social Club

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International Business Consultant

Buluttan in Türkiye

Event Management Team


Oct 2022

Marketing Manager

Amiccio NYC

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Baruch College

International Business


WU in Vienna

International Marketing

Licenses & Certifications

Branding: The Creative Journey

EI: Business School

Issued Nov 2023

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From Brand to Image: Creating High Impact Campaigns that Tell Stories

IE Business School

Issued Sep 2023

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Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies

Università Boccini

Issued Sep 2023

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Storytelling in Branding and Content Marketing

IE Business School

Issued Sep 2023

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Think Outside the Inbox: The Email Marketing


Issued Sep 2023

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Brand Identity & Strategy


Issued Aug 2023

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Branding & Brand Management: Branding Strategy & Brand Tactics


Issued Jun 2023

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Certified ANA Marketing Student

ANA Marketing

Issued Dec 2021

Foundations of Digital Marketing & E-commerce


Issued Nov 2022

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