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Hello! I'm Saad, CEO/Founder of AI Synapse. In the last eight years, I've turned my passion for tech and growth into tangible results, bringing in over $22 million in revenue. I started my journey from a small village near the Himalayas and made my way to New York, graduating from Hunter College, NY, with a Computer Science and Math degree. What I Do: At AI Synapse, I'm all about transforming the sales game for SMBs. Think of it as shifting from traditional methods to an automated powerhouse, saving companies $750K to $2M annually in opex. We're talking about freeing up over 2000 hours weekly - time businesses can now invest in growth and innovation. My Milestones: I've been on a rollercoaster ride in the startup world. One of my proudest moments? Skyrocketing a Dubai-based startup's ARR from zero to $2M in just 14 months with ZERO paid ads. That's the kind of growth I live for. Beyond Numbers: My approach isn't just about analytics and algorithms. It's deeply personal. Coming from humble beginnings, I know what it's like to make tough choices for your dream. There was a time when I had to choose between my weekly grocery and investing in ads for my Shopify store. I chose the latter, and though it was a risk, it shaped my understanding of what startups go through. That week, I survived on lots of water and one can of garbanzo beans daily from Trader Joe's for 79 cents. How I Work: I dive deep. We're talking 120-200 tailored questions to understand your startup. It's more than a questionnaire; it's about getting to the core of your business. From there, I craft tailored strategies – everything from white papers to sales letters, high-converting landing pages, and comprehensive VSL funnels. My Special Sauce: Subscription-based models are my forte. I've got strategies and insights that boost your revenue and slash that dreaded churn rate. Looking Ahead: AI is changing the game in SaaS. I'm here to demystify it and help you use AI as a tool to leap ahead, not just keep up. Instead of being afraid, learn about it and leverage it. A Nod to My Roots: As an immigrant, I understand the unique challenges immigrant founders face. I'm here to be the mentor I wish I had, guiding you through the intricate maze of entrepreneurship. Trust me, it gets better (If you don't give up). Life Lessons: I started seven businesses in the last eight years, and 5.5 failed. But each failure was a lesson, teaching me resilience and innovation. My mantra? Embrace the trials; they're your stepping stones to success. Outside the Boardroom: You'll find me skydiving, snowboarding, exploring outdoors, or chilling with my Bengal cat when I'm not in business mode. It's all about balance. Who should book a call with me: 1) Early-stage founders looking to find Product Market Fit (PMF) 2) Aspiring entrepreneurs 3) Recent college graduates 4) Anyone looking to start a business 5) Immigrant founders 6) Bootstrapped founders 7) If you don't know what to do with life





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