Lindsay Dagiantis

Fractional Chief People Officer

Chicago, IL, USA


startup experience

hr industry

vp of hr

people operations

technology industry

Expert Bio

I bring 15+ years experience working in startups, fast growing companies in the marketing, technology and professional services industries, primarily across the HR and People Operations functions. As a former VP of HR, Recruiting and People Operations, I've lead teams in recruiting, talent management, compensation and total rewards, as well as provided strategic leadership as part of the C-suite. I coach and mentor HS students, partner with Chicago Public Schools as a parent volunteer, and run my own Fractional People Leadership consulting firm. My expertise covers a wide range in the HR and People Operations umbrella: from Fractional HR Leadership and development, to more personal coaching including: Career Development and Skill Mapping, Work-Life Balance optimization and Parent-Life-Work integration.


Bachelor of Science

Miami University

English & Education

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