Clarissa Kear

Visual Artist & Art Instructor

Philadelphia, PA, USA








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Clarissa Kear is a Philadelphia based contemporary realist painter, and graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, with a major in painting. Clarissas expertise is in painting/drawing fundamentals, composition, and etching techniques. She utilizes her classical training as a springboard to create large scale, imaginative studio paintings. Clarissa is an expert in oil painting, and imaginative composition. She offers a session titled 'Drawing and Painting from Imagination' where students will engage with a variety of mediums in order to transform intuitive sketches into fully realized compositions. In this session, you will learn the practice of automatic drawing and will acquire knowledge about painters and illustrators who create from imagination. By the end the session, you will have completed a fully realized work of art entirely from imagination in the medium of your choice that emulates their own personal style and vision. She also offers a session for beginners titled 'Drawing Fundamentals' This session is for someone would is looking to learn more about techniques related to classical art training. In this session, Clarissa will show you how to build up a drawing using the 19th century method of charcoal handling. This will produce a fast, concise, and visually accurate representation of your subject, and open doors for you to start drawing more accurately. Lastly, Clarissa offers a session in intro to drypoint etching. This will familiarize you with etching tools, as well as the history of etching. You will also learn a variety of hatching techniques, how to transfer a pencil drawing to a metal plate, and how to create a small printed edition of original artwork. This course will require you to have access to a print shop, or etching press. Clarissas courses will require a small amount of required art materials to get started, which will be provided via email after signing up! You can view Clarissas portfolio at

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