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Tracy Van Holt

Sustainability Strategy Consultant

My name is Tracy, and I have deep expertise in sustainability. My focus encompasses environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics, data design, and decision-making. With a passion for creating positive change, I have dedicated my career to providing data-driven analyses to inform decision-making on ESG matters. I have developed a reputation for delivering comprehensive analyses that help organizations navigate the complexities of ESG sustainability. My unique ability to synthesize complex datasets on ESG topics sets me apart was recognized with my award-winning dissertation. Supported by federal, international, corporate, and foundation grants, my work has been recognized for its depth and breadth. I have published thirty peer-reviewed academic papers showcasing the extensive research and insights I have gained. I can identify potential ESG outcomes by leveraging cutting-edge technology to spot unanticipated consequences and uncover innovation opportunities. From understanding the meaning of E, S, and G in a company to identifying opportunities for financial and sustainability growth, I can provide valuable insights. I can also assist in setting up KPIs to track the success of sustainability programs, developing critical elements of a sustainability strategy, tracking supplier sustainability efforts, and identifying characteristics of a quality job. Additionally, I can provide guidance on data collection using AI in decision-making. I am the go-to person for individuals seeking guidance on tackling sustainability in their work and career. I am dedicated to helping organizations and individuals navigate the complexities of sustainability and achieve their goals. I am the ideal candidate if you are interested in making informed decisions based on available data. Together, we can create a more sustainable and resilient future.

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Baily Hancock

Community Architect & Strategist

I'm a super-connector, collaborator, and catalyst for community success. I'm confident that community, connection, and collaboration (or as I call them, “The 3 Cs to Saving Humanity”) are the keys to our survival as a species, as well as the quickest way to feel less alone in this world and succeed together. Most people get why “The 3 Cs” are important in theory, but lack the understanding of how to actually build community, connect with others, and collaborate vs compete - that’s where I come in. As a Community Architect and Strategist, I help individuals and organizations conceptualize, launch, and grow successful communities, acting as a guide from idea to implementation to iteration, and everything in between. I combine my MBA and operations mindset with three decades of experience both running communities and being a member of many to offer a well-rounded perspective on what makes communities and the people within them thrive. During my time as a Community Strategist at Mighty Networks, I supported hundreds of Community Creators with setting goals and measuring effectiveness, problem-solving and brainstorming new ideas, and acted as their trusted sounding board and Strategist. I also facilitated workshops, masterminds, and product training sessions to help people learn how to run successful communities and understand the intricacies and possibilities of the community-hosting platform. I now run my own company called Overlap Collective offering 1:1 consulting, Blueprints, Playbooks, and workshop facilitation. I share my thoughts and expertise on community, connection, and collaboration as a podcast guest and speaker, as well as in my keynote talk, Substack, podcast, and book-in-progress all by the same name, “Seeking the Overlap: Connecting Deeply in a Deeply Disconnected World”.

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