Earned not Bought

By Katherine Hood on April 19, 2024

Finding peace of mind, achieving a fit body, and experiencing love are all priceless treasures that cannot be purchased with money alone. These invaluable aspects of life must be earned through dedication, hard work, and genuine effort.

At the end of your life what will matter the most?

Have you ever asked someone in their 80s or 90s what matters most to them as they reflect back on a full life?

Have you ever written your own eulogy? I have! After taking a class that was six months long, it took me on a deep dive of self-discovery, and the final assignment was to write our own eulogy. The take away was, to live each day with the end in mind. Not in a creepy, sad, depressing way, but really getting clear on what your values are, what's most important and what you value above everything else. When you have clarity on who you are it clears away all the external pressures, demands, and expectations. You begin to be super clear on what's important to you, what you value the most and helps you make decisions that are rooted in what will foster and create meaning, purpose and fulfillment in your life.

I have asked EVERY single client: "What's going to matter most when you are 80 years old?" and I have kept what everyone has said and there's a common theme. Usually there's some variation of creating memories, having experiences, deep connections with others, and some form of peace and happiness. The words vary, the meaning is usually similar.

When we prioritize and invest our time and energy into cultivating inner peace, physical health, and meaningful relationships, we are rewarded with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that money simply cannot buy.

True happiness and contentment come from inside of us, our thoughts, stories, beliefs and what we thinking about. The journey to attain these qualities is a personal and rewarding one, and often people get lost in believing these are outside themselves. In materialistic things, books, programs, courses, degrees, in a status, in a job title, in a certain pant size, etc.

Remember, the most valuable things in life are those that are earned through perseverance and authenticity.

What are you doing on a daily basis that's in alignment with your values, and what will matter most at the end of your life?

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