Capiche? It's business!

By Michael Lodge on February 01, 2024

Michael Lodge - The Business Advisor - 424.542.7299 - The business world has long been fascinated by the elusive and enigmatic rules of the mafia, which are steeped in tradition and loyalty. The first and foremost rule is to never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut, emphasizing the importance of trust and discretion in business dealings. Additionally, paying "tribute" to the boss underscores the significance of respecting authority and maintaining a hierarchical structure within the organization. This principle reinforces the idea of loyalty and the understanding that every member has a duty to contribute to the greater success of the enterprise. The Italian statement "Non si fa nessuna frittata senza rompere le uova" encapsulates the pragmatic approach to decision-making and stirringthe pot , highlighting the inevitability of making sacrifices and tough choices in pursuit of success.

The mafia's emphasis on reputation and running with the right crowd reflects the critical role of networking and image in the business world. This rule underscores the importance of aligning oneself with reputable and trustworthy partners, as well as the significance of upholding one's own reputation in all dealings. In essence, the business rules of the mafia offer intriguing insights into the value of trust, loyalty, hierarchy, and reputation, providing thought-provoking principles for consideration within the traditional corporate world. Wat the movie "The Godfather" and watch for business lessons. Many business schools use the movie in their business classes. Watch and learn, capiche?

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