By Caren Wilson L.E. on February 13, 2024

I know currently I have heard the expression "super power". I think that I can address this as mine

I have thought it over and noticed this as a trend in my own life How would I know otherwise?

Everything I am experiencing becomes a life lesson and gives me the experience to teach. I also go about things my own way and often feel I am channeling the answers !!

Hence my latest edition: 2024 is the year of exploring my assets and making the most of it. I call that

" experiential " adjective involving or based on experience and observation :empirical experiential knowledge experiential lessons experientially

My ideas and concepts all stem from experiences and interactions with others that have those similar. Of course why not ? I can best help those who are on a similar path. Although we are all truly unique.

I seem to also be a visionary, before the whole idea of influencer became popular I was relating to my avatar. I am always looking for someone very much like me. Yes of course To those reading this - does it appeal ? Have you experienced age ism in the society Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and yet it is attached to a bevy of emotions. So if you are going through a big life change or where diagnosed with a strange dis-ease that has rendered your appearance effected ?

Contact me.

I have a lot of solutions at my fingertips. sometimes literally or physically :)

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