Californians have got to say NO to all bond measures. Say NO to Sacramento

By Michael Lodge on February 28, 2024

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California's ongoing love of climate change has taken a controversial turn as state lawmakers in Sacramento propose to allocate an additional $15 billion towards environmental initiatives through bonds. While the intention to address climate issues is out of control, the reality of the situation is far from ideal. With California already facing a staggering $73 billion deficit due to reckless overspending, the decision to burden residents with more financial obligations is highly irresponsible. The proposed plan threatens to escalate the already high cost of living in California, making it increasingly challenging for its citizens to afford basic necessities.

The announcement by Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, Senate President Pro Tem Mike McGuire, and Governor Gavin Newsom to push for billions in climate bonds has sparked outrage among many Californians. As Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia advocates for even higher bond amounts, the financial burden on residents only seems to be growing. The lack of fiscal responsibility and accountability in Sacramento is alarming, especially when the state's financial health is already in dire straits. It is crucial for Californians to speak up and reject these costly initiatives that could further exacerbate their economic hardships.

In the face of a massive deficit and questionable decision-making in Sacramento, it is evident that Californians must stand against these exorbitant climate bond proposals. Saying no to additional spending on climate change initiatives is not an act of negligence but a call for prudence and fiscal responsibility. As the November ballot approaches, residents must carefully consider the long-term implications of such decisions and demand accountability from their elected officials. It is time for Californians to prioritize practical solutions that benefit both the environment and the well-being of the state's residents without burdening them with unnecessary financial strain.

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