Ensuring Compliance with California's Annual Statement of Information Requirement

By Michael Lodge on March 06, 2024

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In the California's business world, maintaining compliance with the Secretary of State's requirement to file a Statement of Information each year is a crucial task that should not be overlooked. As my clients seek business and tax consultations, it has become apparent that many entities are inadvertently falling behind on this essential obligation, leading to suspension by the Secretary of State. Every LLC, S-corp, C-corp, or other legal entity must file this statement annually to stay in good standing. One simple way to stay on top of this requirement is by marking the deadline prominently on your calendar and submitting the statement online through the California SOS website.

Failure to file the Statement of Information can result in costly consequences and pose a significant risk to the legitimacy of your business in California. As businesses navigate the complex regulatory environment, ensuring compliance with this annual requirement is paramount. If you find yourself out of compliance or facing suspension by the Secretary of State, do not hesitate to seek assistance. Contact our office for expert guidance and support in rectifying this issue promptly, safeguarding your business's standing and reputation in the competitive California market. Let us help you navigate the regulatory landscape and keep your business on the path to success.

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