Here's a new one. If you have a bakery in your restaurant, you're exempt from California's new $20 minimum wage law

By Michael Lodge on February 29, 2024

Michael Lodge - The Business Advisor / Mediator - 424.542.7299 -

In a surprising turn of events, residents with a bakery in their establishment have found a loophole in California's latest minimum wage increase for fast-food workers. Reports have emerged stating that Panera Bread and similar establishments are exempt from the new law, which mandates a minimum wage of $20 per hour for fast-food employees starting April 1. The exemption is based on the presence of a bakery that produces bread for sale on the premises, as outlined in the text of the law.

The decision to distinguish bakeries from fast-food establishments in this manner has sparked controversy and raised questions about the ethics behind the legislation. Many are puzzled as to why the exemption is limited to bread production and why other food items or services are not taken into account. Critics argue that the law's loophole not only presents an unfair advantage to certain businesses but also sheds light on potential political motivations behind its implementation. Sacramento's move has left many in the restaurant industry scratching their heads and wondering about the true intentions behind this peculiar exemption.

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