🚩Overlooked Red Flags In Men🚩

By Brock Olsen on February 05, 2024

There are a lot of really good men out there looking to share their life with equally amazing women. But there are also guys who just don't quite make the cut in terms of relationship readiness. 🚩

In my private Facebook group 'Singles Connect', I asked the women what were the biggest red flags in men to look out for in modern dating? We had so many really good answers that it inspired me to share what I've learned to be the most commonly overlooked red flags in men. Here goes!!!💥

  1. If he doesn't explain his living situation clearly

  2. If he's not had a friend for more than 2 years

  3. If the only social interaction he gets is via video games

  4. If he has no real hobbies

  5. If he doesn't work 10+ hours a day

  6. If he'd rather be out with the boys

  7. If he can't tell you clearly where he'd like to be in one year

  8. Doesn't display consistency

  9. Is constantly late

  10. If he drives angry

  11. If he's highly religious (not to be confused with spiritual)

  12. If he has no older males in his life

  13. His communication is unclear and patchy

  14. Giving too much of himself too quickly; aka: love bombing

  15. Just out of a divorce (3months or less)

  16. They discount/discourage your abilities 

  17. Overly possessive (no it's not cute)

  18. They refuse to make your relationship public

  19. They bank on you being tolerant

My list of women's red flags drops next week!!! 🚩

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