🚩Red Flags Often Overlooked In Women🚩

By Brock Olsen on February 05, 2024

🚩Overlooked Red Flags In Women🚩

I wanted to do a followup list from my last article regarding Red Flags in Men but this time covering the red flags that men most often miss in women as well. It's similar, but there are some differences men should be aware of. 

Here are my 21 red flags most overlooked by men! 🚩🚩🚩

  1. She isn't clear about her last relationship and how it ended.

  2. She's not had a friend for more than 2 years.

  3. She consistently posts provocative images on her social media.

  4. She must be the center of attention.

  5. She doesn't work 10+ hours a day(job, interpersonal work, worldly study, exercising her mind and body, nurturing her social skills, etc)

  6. Struggles with conflict resolution.

  7. She's unappreciative

  8. She thinks she is "the prize".

  9. She enforces double standards.

  10. She struggles to take accountability.

  11. She is constantly late.

  12. She is verbally or physically violent when upset. 

  13. She doesn't reciprocate.

  14. She has no older females in her life.

  15. She can't be upfront with, or communicate about her needs, but expects her partner to anticipate them anyway.

  16. She gives too much of herself too quickly.

  17. Just out of a divorce (3months or less)

  18. She diminishes your abilities.

  19. She's overly possessive especially early on.

  20. She refuses to take the relationship public.

  21. She banks on you being tolerant.

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