Would you hire a felon?

By Michael Lodge on February 25, 2024

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Hiring individuals with a criminal record, especially felons, can be a complex and controversial topic. On one hand, it is important to acknowledge that people can change and rehabilitate themselves after serving their time. I have a friend and client who has a felony on his record and is having a tough time finding work. He is a skilled accountant but faces barriers due to his felony record, is a prime example of someone who deserves a second chance. The fact that his crime was committed over six years ago and he has maintained a clean record since then should hold weight in the hiring process. In line with California's 7-year rule on background checks, it is crucial for employers to consider the individual's recent behavior and qualifications rather than solely focusing on past mistakes.

Employers should adopt a more holistic approach to hiring, taking into account the individual's qualifications, skills, and character rather than solely relying on a criminal record as a disqualifying factor. While certain professions may require a higher level of scrutiny and caution, it is essential to evaluate each case on its own merits. By providing opportunities for individuals with criminal records to reintegrate into society through employment, we not only support their rehabilitation but also contribute to reducing recidivism rates. Ultimately, a fair and inclusive hiring process that considers an individual's present circumstances and capabilities can lead to a more diverse and productive workforce, benefiting both the individual and the employer.

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