The Full Supreme Court Votes Against Colorado And Allows Trump On The Ballot

By Michael Lodge on March 05, 2024

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In a historic ruling that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, the Supreme Court has unanimously decided that former President Donald Trump can stay on the Colorado ballot in a landmark 14th Amendment case. This decision comes after the Colorado Secretary of State was accused of playing dirty politics to keep Trump off the ballot, sparking a fierce legal battle that has captured the nation's attention. Despite this victory for Trump, tensions continue to rise as Democratic members of Congress are now threatening to block him from assuming the presidency if he wins the election. This move has raised concerns about the commitment of some Democrats to the principles of the constitution and the rule of law, as they seem willing to subvert the democratic process to achieve their political goals.

It is troubling to witness elected officials openly contemplate circumventing the constitution and denying the American people their right to choose their president. By threatening to block a duly elected president from taking office, these Democrats are betraying the very oath they took to uphold the constitution. The foundation of democracy rests on the rule of law and the will of the people, and any attempt to undermine these principles undermines the very fabric of our nation. As the political climate continues to heat up, it is essential for all members of Congress to remember their duty to uphold the constitution and respect the democratic process, regardless of their personal or political beliefs.

Americans get to decide who is president, not disgruntled politicians who act like insurrection children.

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